Question: How Do I Join?


Option 1- Call the office on 01277 610210 Ext 5 – and one of our representatives can get you set up on the system.

Option 2 – Send us an email to sales@aceoffers.co.uk and one of our representatives will contact you to gather your details and get you set up on the system


Question: How do I find out about the offers in place?


Option 1 – go to www.aceoffers.co.uk to view the most recent deals in place

Option 2 – you will receive an email with the exclusive deals. In this email will be a link to purchase the goods


Question: Will I be able to get the same deal on AO Retail Club products from anywhere else?

Answer: No these offers are exclusive to AO Retail club and its Members only


Question: Do I have to pay for my order upfront?

Answer: No all you will need to do is authorise payment with your card details. Payment will not be collected until your goods are dispatched.


Question: How do I place an order?


Option 1 – click on the link in your offer email which will take you to the online shop

Option 2 – call the office on 01277 610210 Ext 5 and one of our representatives will place your order for you. Please note you will still need to log on in order to authorise the payment for this order.

Option 3. Visit www.aceoffers.co.uk, login to your account and view the products on offer. Then you can place your order from here.


Question: Is the shopping website / platform secure?

Answer: Only you will be able to access your account on our platform. This will be by way of a password which you set up and control. For general GDPR and other related questions please visit our Privacy Policy Privacy policy – Ace Offers 


Question: Where can we purchase more stock once our initial order has sold through?


AO Retail Club can supply details of Stockists and Wholesalers who supply the stock. Alternatively members can contact Ace Offers for future orders should the stock still be available (this will be at normal WSP)


Question: How often will members get deals offered to them?

Answer: The plan is for new deals will be emailed out on a fortnightly basis. Each deal will be available to order for 3 days after the offer is emailed to our members.


Question: Can I return an order?

Answer: Should goods delivered be faulty we will replenish the order and takeaway the damaged items (Members should not dispose of faulty goods themselves). Once the order is placed it cannot be cancelled or refunded.


Question: What is the minimum Order?

Answer: All details relating to the offer will be on the original offer email. This will include quantities.


Question: Is there a maximum order?

Answer: Maximum order details will be on the original offer email.


Question: Is there a delivery charge for the goods I order?

Answer: No goods will be delivered to your registered delivery address free of charge